The Art of Desire retreat is a challenging, fun, and life-changing 3-day event! This immersive experience will give you a new understanding of your desires, sexuality, spirituality, and self that will open up entirely new possibilities.

Due to COVID-19, the information provided below is a hopeful projection for our Fall 2021 retreat.  Should national, state or local health advisories discourage group gatherings on the event dates, we will postpone the event to a later date. If postponing the retreat is necessary, you will receive a full refund, or if you prefer, keep the ticket for the new dates.  Thank you for your flexibility and understanding during these uncertain times.

Many of us as LDS women have inherited a limited understanding of sexuality, desire and goodness which encourages self-doubt and undermines our development and peace of mind.  The "Art of Desire" retreat will challenge these false traditions and offer you a new, life-expanding understanding of desire, its relationship to your personal development, and the integration / expression of your God-given sexuality.

In understanding true principles, you can create deeper comfort within yourself, more capacity for intimacy, and the ability to love more profoundly.

in addition to exceptional instruction and conversation throughout, you will enjoy delicious gourmet meals, exercise options in the mornings and evenings, beautiful grounds for walking and reflecting, evening discussions with Jennifer and other participants, and a fun movie night!  This three-day transformative retreat is an opportunity you will never forget and do not want to miss!


  • Hosted at Scholls Valley Lodge, on a beautiful Oregon orchard.
  • Exceptional day-long instruction and interaction with Dr. Finlayson-Fife
  • Daily Exercise (Yoga, Zumba, hiking) mornings and afternoons. Please Contact our office if you are a registered exercise instructor.
  • Three delicious catered meals each day.
  • Evening activities including a discussion about Perfectionism with Dr. Finlayson-Fife and a movie night.
  • Space for 28 women to stay on-site (first come, first serve).
  • Enjoyment of the beautiful grounds, relaxation, and the company of amazing women.



The cultural (mis)construction of female sexuality and desire. Impact on women's relationship to their bodies, sexual agency, and desire.  (This session includes a deep dive into Dr. Finlayson-Fife's research and what it shows us about the restrictive lessons many of us have inherited.)


Deconstructing women's relationship to desire: The shackles of shoulds, guilt, perfectionism, and an externalized measure of self; How these factors hamper desire, self-respect, and the integration of our sexuality.  (This session Includes a follow-up evening discussion with Dr. Finlayson-Fife on perfectionism and how it impacts our relationship to our sense of self, our bodies and our relationship to others.)


Developing the capacity for Emotional and Sexual Intimacy and understanding its relationship to integrity, creativity and self-development.  Includes video clips and self-reflection questions to help you harness and develop your unique gifts and forge deeper confidence.


Developing genuine generosity as well as the capacity to deeply receive.  Understanding the distinction between pleasing or reflexive-giving, and true generosity.  Understanding the distinction between getting or taking, and true receiving.


Sexual self-integration: Understanding our God-given bodies. Understanding women's amazing sexual capacity and nature and how it is different from what we've been taught.  Understanding the virtue of embracing our bodies and how this profoundly shapes our relationship to ourselves;  Discussion about the objectification of females (including exploitation and repression) and how to truly integrate our sexuality and be at peace with our bodies in the face of these harsh cultural messages.


Sexual self-development: Understanding, uncovering, and developing your erotic nature. Squaring eroticism with goodness. Forging sexual integrity and its relationship to experiencing joy. 


Fostering eroticism in relationship to ourselves, a spouse, and to life.  Sexuality and belonging more deeply to oneself. Understanding fantasy and sexual creativity and its relationship to intimacy and self.


Questions / comments, and setting intentions for oneself going forward.



Scholls Valley Lodge sleeps 28 people with 9 bedrooms, many with a pull out couch, sleeping 4 people to a room. All reservations require a $50 deposit. Prices are listed per night. Three nights’ stay is required. Reservations are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Contact our office email to reserve a room:

Sofa Beds: $35 trundle bed, $60 in shared rooms, $70 private room.

Beds: $130 for beds in shared rooms – or share a bed for $65

Private Rooms: depending on size of bed and room, rates range from $150–$225.


Below are a few alternative accommodation options. A few of these are AirBnB's with several bedrooms. We have received feedback that connecting with other participants is one of the most beneficial parts of the retreat. We encourage you to share accommodations with other participants when possible. Contact our office to be added to a collaborative Google Doc where participants can coordinate accommodations and ride-sharing.

AirBnB Options:

Please contact our office with the subject "Oregon Retreat Dietary Restrictions" and tell us your needs. We and the caterer will try to accommodate you as best as we can.

Go to the Facebook Group here to start a conversation with other retreat goers!

Please contact our office with the subject "Oregon Retreat Exercise Instruction" and tell us what you teach. We will make a decision if it is the right fit and get back to you with instructions and compensation rates if it is a good fit.

Tickets can be cancelled for a full refund through July 31.  Tickets can be refunded with a $300 cancellation fee through September 5.  No refunds after that.  However, if your seat can be filled from a waiting list (which we cannot guarantee), a refund will be issued with the deduction of a $300 fee.

If the event is postponed, ticket holders can keep their ticket for the new dates or cancel for a full refund.

Pack clothing that is comfortable and make sure to bring exercise clothes if you want to participate in the daily exercise classes! If you have specific questions about what to bring, email our event coordinator Kendall at

Reviews From Workshop Participants

  • "I am still reeling a little from the retreat, and in a good way. ...The way I view just about everything has shifted. I'm still just fizzing with new ways of seeing things, and new information about my life and my purpose. I can't describe it very well, but it's a feeling I have not had in a very long time. And it's exciting and empowering and motivating, and I LOVE it.”

    — J. S., Art of Desire Retreat Participant
  • "This workshop was wonderful! I am a big follower of Jennifer's podcasts but being there in person and hearing her dive deep into her instruction was life changing. I love how she doesn't sensationalize her presentation and she took time to answer all of our questions. She's brilliant and I'm so grateful for her work in bringing female sexuality out of obscurity."

    — Art of Desire Workshop Participant (written on Instagram, used with permission)
  • "I had an amazing weekend... I came with my sister and best friend. It was really helpful for us to hash through all the material together during each meal and break. I want every woman to take the time to do this workshop."

    — M. M., Art of Desire Retreat Participant
  • It is difficult to put into words what a life-changing experience last weekend was.  ... To be fortunate enough to be in that headspace for that amount of time will be an experience I will look back on and recount as a personal turning point. To say “thank you” for your work seems completely insufficient....

    — H.S., Art of Desire Attendee
  • "Thank you so much for your time and for your work--I appreciate it so much.  My mom came (on my recommendation) to your Art of Desire Retreat in Alpine last fall, and my dad told me several weeks later that he felt like he was living with a different person.  Her transformation and new ability to discern what she wants in any area of life, and then to express that desire, has been ASTOUNDING to watch."

    — R.W.