Have you ever heard the saying, "I am my own worst enemy?" If you've thought or said that about yourself, then this episode is for you.  (And if you haven't, then this episode is also for you.)

All of us carry the innate tendency to mask our own humanity--our flaws--from those we love.  Doing so actually inhibits our growth, creates tension in our relationships, and leads to inner turmoil.  The only way to get over all that is to get over ourselves.

Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife, being interviewed once again by Monica Packer from the About Progress Podcast, teaches us what this tendency looks like in action, and what we can do to fix it by facing our own flaws with compassion and true moral courage.  She also helps us see what we get out of doing so: a life filled with challenges, but also more love, fulfillment, and freedom. 

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