Just mentioning masturbation can make many of us uneasy.

The word is charged in a way that often elicits fear, shame, and confusion, especially among those of us who grew up in a sexually conservative culture.

But, In this NEW podcast episode, Dr. Finlayson-Fife joins Dan Purcell of the Get Your Marriage On podcast  (@getyourmarriageon) for a deep dive into the topic of masturbation. During the episode,  Dr. Jennifer explores the reasons why there is so much anxiety surrounding masturbation and offers insight on what we can do to make decisions around our sexuality that are wise and make us stronger.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about:

* Helpful ways to think about the topic of masturbation.

* Why labeling masturbation as “right” or “wrong” isn’t as clear as you think

* How you can overcome sexual shame

* Understanding and achieving sexual Integrity 

* Increasing intimacy in marriage 

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