• Chastity Discussion - A Guide for Teachers and Parents

    Chastity Discussion - A Guide for Teachers and Parents

    Chastity  The main goals of this lesson are to give Young Women:     a way to value sexuality a sense of the power that sexuality can have in relationships a way to relate to and direct their sexual power/sexuality in adolescence  an understanding of how to navigate pressures with peers and romantic partners while maintaining one's sexual standards and boundaries The following outline could be expanded to two lessons, each section being a lesson. If having two lessons is more than what would be appropriate or allowe...

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  • Navigating Faith Challenges - Podcast Transcript

    Navigating Faith Challenges - Podcast Transcript

    Sherrae Phelps: In Michael Wilcox's book, “What Seek Ye?” he wrote, "I have discovered after 70 years of life that we all get hard sayings from time to time. Jesus knew in himself that his disciples murmured, and he said unto them, 'Doth this offend you?' Often when our own hard sayings come, we are offended and we answer that question affirmatively. 'Yes, Lord, in truth, I am offended.' There is nothing wrong in answering that question honestly. Above all, God wants our honesty from us. It's okay to be offended at times. It's what we do when we feel that way that matters."  This is Sher...

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  • The Divine Feminine

    The Divine Feminine

    Riley Risto: It's our great pleasure to welcome LDS counselor and coach Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife. Jennifer, we're so glad to have you on the program. Jennifer specializes in fostering couples in their intimate relationships.  We've been talking about doing an episode on the Divine Feminine. But one thing always slowed us down. What is that?  Christopher Hertado: We needed a feminine guest, a female guest. We just don't have the authority to talk about this. It's just not how it works.  Riley Risto: Just having the input and perspective of a female is really important for us, and...

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  • Jennifer's Thoughts on Polygamy

    Jennifer's Thoughts on Polygamy

    Some people have written in expressing concern about this week's Come Follow Me lesson in which we address our beliefs about polygamy.  In my work with Latter-day Saint women, it is clear how many women privately and quietly struggle over this topic.  Our collective understanding that God ordained polygamy historically and, on a more personal level, believing that polygamy might be a part of our future, points to a troubling view of God, and more specifically how God views women relative to men.  This is the meaning that many women have suffered under.   Many clients of mine have feared that i...

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  • Navigating Faith Concerns - Facebook Live Transcript

    Navigating Faith Concerns - Facebook Live Transcript

    This live is a follow up from the live we did in November, where I was talking about overcoming resentment in marriage. Several people in the group asked about how you overcome the feelings of resentment that you might have about ways that you felt you were inducted into false ideas, either through church culture or family culture that really limited your life, shaped your choices, but perhaps in ways that are hard to support or feel good about now. These aren’t easy topics, and I’m going to be trying to give you some of my best thoughts about how to think about this, how you overcome this, ho...

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  • Growing Beyond Transactional Faith

    Growing Beyond Transactional Faith

    Sherrae Phelps: The masterful music and compelling story of the Fiddler on the Roof earned its rightful place among Broadway's most loved. But what is it about the story that draws in so many people? It's both compelling and inspiring to watch the different individuals in the story as they confront the complexities of their culture, their poverty, their tradition, and their faith. The listener is given the privilege to watch from a safe distance as each person in the story wades through the very difficult process of making choices when tradition, faith, and love collide in painful and confusin...

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  • Developing Spiritual Maturity

    Developing Spiritual Maturity

    Jody Moore: Hey everybody, welcome to Episode 281 of the podcast. Today's episode is so good, you're going to love it! And it's not bragging for me to say that because the goodness comes from my guest today, Dr. Jennifer Finlayson-Fife. If you aren't familiar with her, I don't know where you've been, but I'm happy to get to introduce you to her. Most of you probably have already heard from her, but she's one of my most favorite people to listen to and learn from, because she's brilliant. She has really valuable insight for all the things that she speaks about. Her specialty is in relationships...

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  • The Art of Navigating Differing Views

    The Art of Navigating Differing Views

    Cameron Wright: This is Cameron Wright, and I'm the author of The Orphan Keeper. So listeners understand, let me set the scene up for you. The Orphan Keeper is the story of Tag Roeland. Now, Tag was a little boy in India who came from a very poor family. They were living in a thatched hut with a dirt floor and he was always running off getting into trouble and despite his circumstances-- sometimes going hungry, he thought life was actually pretty good. Except then when he was about seven, he was kidnaped. He was sold to an orphanage and then adopted to a family in Utah who thought that he was ...

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  • Differing Views, Beliefs, and Perspectives Part I - Podcast Transcript

    Differing Views, Beliefs, and Perspectives Part I - Podcast Transcript

    “Are you willing to understand another view even as it pressures and challenges your view?” - Dr. Finlayson-Fife   Sherrae Phelps: In an interview I had with Dr. Finlayson-Fife in November 2017, she talked about an experience she had with her brother when they were at college together. Here’s her account from that interview:  Dr. Finlayson-Fife: Are you willing to understand another view even as it pressures and challenges your view?  For example, when I was at BYU, my brother was reading a lot of church history as he was going through a faith crisis. He wanted to talk about it an...

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  • Christmas and the Celebration of Christ’s Message

    Christmas and the Celebration of Christ’s Message

    In celebration of Christmas, of Christ’s birth, I want to talk about what I believe to be one of the most powerful and transformative aspects of Christ’s ministry on the earth. Christ’s birth, his mortal presence among us, coupled with His teachings, offers us an understanding of God—a conception of what characterizes goodness and truth—that is powerful and compelling for me personally. Christ taught us that truth emerges and exists in relationship---in relationship with God and with our fellow beings.   Divine Truth is inherently relational in Christian thought. “I am the way, the Truth and t...

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  • Tribute to Dr. David Schnarch

    Tribute to Dr. David Schnarch

    It is with great sadness that I say goodbye to Dr. David Schnarch, an important professional mentor to me over the past 10 years. David died of a sudden heart attack last week. It has been devastating for his family, and so many of us, to lose a wise mentor in our lives.

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  • Facing The Truth

    Facing The Truth

    Something I've been thinking about this week is that fragility in people is often difficult to track. Sometimes friends and neighbors look like they have everything together when in fact there is real limitation lurking below the surface. Those of us who are focused on a palatable exterior, who avoid conflict or even gravitate to convention out of fear, often look stronger and more "together" than they are. The glossy surface may look like strength, but in fact is a sign of limitation.  Painting the ideal picture is often an attempt to get away from what is real, because what is re...

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