• The Art of Navigating Differing Views - Podcast Transcript

    The Art of Navigating Differing Views - Podcast Transcript

    Cameron Wright: This is Cameron Wright, and I'm the author of The Orphan Keeper. So listeners understand, let me set the scene up for you. The Orphan Keeper is the story of Tag Roeland. Now, Tag was a little boy in India who came from a very poor family. They were living in a thatched hut with a dirt floor and he was always running off getting into trouble and despite his circumstances-- sometimes going hungry, he thought life was actually pretty good. Except then when he was about seven, he was kidnaped. He was sold to an orphanage and then adopted to a family in Utah who thought that he was ...

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  • Christmas and the Celebration of Christ’s Message

    Christmas and the Celebration of Christ’s Message

    In celebration of Christmas, of Christ’s birth, I want to talk about what I believe to be one of the most powerful and transformative aspects of Christ’s ministry on the earth. Christ’s birth, his mortal presence among us, coupled with His teachings, offers us an understanding of God—a conception of what characterizes goodness and truth—that is powerful and compelling for me personally. Christ taught us that truth emerges and exists in relationship---in relationship with God and with our fellow beings.   Divine Truth is inherently relational in Christian thought. “I am the way, the Truth and t...

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  • The Importance of Listening

    The Importance of Listening

    I despair sometimes at the profound divisions in our country and how much difficulty we seem to have in healing them. Our political divisions are deeper and seemingly more entrenched than ever. And in the face of George Floyd’s murder and the ensuing demonstrations against police abuses, it seems that hatred and division might consume us. What does it take to create meaningful peace? How do we create peace in a diverse and often discordant society? This challenge seems all the more overwhelming when most of us struggle to create peace in our most important relationships. The ease w...

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  • Happy Valentine's Day

    Happy Valentine's Day

    I hope we will each consider on this Valentines Day how we might love better, and who needs that love from us most. As a therapist and human being trying to live my life well, I'm ever more convinced of the power and importance of love. Love heals us and makes us stronger. Love gives meaning and sustenance to our lives. We all say these kinds of things a lot, but it's remarkably true. And yet, perhaps not surprisingly, love can be hard. Love is what we all hope to receive and yet struggle to offer, especially when it stretches us. Perhaps this is why it is so precious. Positive fee...

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